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Everyone has hopes and dreams for retirement.

Whether you aspire to play golf, travel, volunteer, or spend time with family and friends, there is freedom in leaving work behind and focusing all your time on things you enjoy.

But if you’re a business owner, retirement is a little more complex because you want to ensure your company’s future success and because your company’s value can significantly affect the quality of your retirement.

So, it can be daunting to figure out how to get from here — to there.

It’s a process that works somewhat like using a system of pulleys to lift something heavy

A pulley is a simple mechanical device: it’s just a rope or a cable looped over a wheel. But pulleys use a mechanical advantage, called leverage, to multiply the force you put into them. The more pulleys you have, the more your input is multiplied. The multiplication effect allows a single person to lift the weight of a small yacht, for example.

The same concept applies to your company.

Increasing a company’s value is difficult, but it becomes significantly easier if you know the right places to apply leverage.

At ASG Partners, we’ve been helping business owners sell their companies realize their retirement goals for almost 40 years. Based on our firsthand experience with hundreds of companies, we’ve developed a unique perspective on where you can apply leverage to multiply the value of your company.

So, if you are a few years from retirement, you can start adding a few well-placed pulleys now so that your company will be valuable enough to meet your retirement goals when you’re ready.

And if you’re ready to sell, we can incorporate the right pulleys into the sale process. The resulting leverage maximizes your proceeds so that you can enjoy the retirement you deserve.

Let us show you how to multiply the impact of your efforts. Contact ASG Partners today.