5 ways to kill a deal

Selling a company is hard work and emotionally draining, but it can also be one of your career’s most beneficial and rewarding experiences. The opposite of a successful transaction is one that [...]

Two Truths and a Lie

Right now, economic news dominates many of our feeds – partly because conditions have changed so rapidly since 2020. Some of the largest public companies are announcing record profits, while [...]

ASG Planning Guide

At ASG Partners, we’ve been helping business owners sell their companies realize their retirement goals for almost 40 years. Based on our firsthand experience with hundreds of companies, we’ve [...]

4 things you can do now

Business owners are approached every day by new companies selling their products or services. It can be exhausting. M&A firms are some of the most aggressive at marketing to business owners. [...]


Whoa! What now?

We’ve seen the trends for several months, and now the reports confirm it: economic conditions have changed, and the future is uncertain. The Consumer Price Index in June grew more than it has [...]


Market Update June 2022

Conventional wisdom suggests that conditions in the broader economy significantly influence M&A activity. So, the recent drop in equity prices is now leading some economists to predict a [...]


Who can you trust?

Business owners are frequently contacted by individuals or advisory firms offering to help you sell. So, how can you tell the experts from the flakes? Here are 5 tips for choosing an advisor to [...]

3 big mistakes you can easily avoid

There are more strong buyers than good companies for sale, so the market is strong. If your company is performing well, you’re probably getting calls from strategic buyers or private equity firms [...]


The ASG Process For Maximizing Value

Selling a company is a little like climbing a mountain: you want to plan your steps well, execute them carefully, and surround yourself with a team that has navigated the terrain before. Get an [...]

Market Update January 2022

We’re still waiting for the year-end data from 2021, the results through 3Q are impressive: The US middle market (deals below $250 million in value) saw the number of deals increase by 28% and [...]