Selling a business now
or in the future?

With a little time and the right advice, you can increase the value of your company by 20-30% or more.

ASG Business Stories:
Monster Fuses

Learn about how Monster Fuses built their business and how we helped them sell it at the right time.


Sellers deserve to maximize price and terms of a sale, we can help.


Plan ahead and increase the value of your company before you sell.


ASG may already represent a company that fits your investment criteria.

ASG has helped business owners sell their companies, maximize value, and realize their retirement goals for almost 40 years. It’s like using pulleys to lift something heavy: you can multiply your results by applying the right leverage in the right places.

When you’re selling a manufacturing, service, or distribution business, rely on the team with a combined century of experience in mergers and acquisitions: ASG Partners. We help you increase business valuation, prepare for the sale, and close the deal.

ASG Partners has more than 30 years of experience selling manufacturing, distribution, and service companies with annual revenues between $3 million and $100 million.