Client Success Story

If you’re thinking of selling a company, you probably have many questions about what the selling process entails. Read this story to find out how it all worked for our clients Mike and Barb [...]

Retire Well by Planning

The successful sale of a business does not happen overnight, and it does not happen by accident. Do your homework, plan ahead and work with the right team in order to realize a successful sale [...]

Package Your Company for Sale

When and how to sell your company is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. Properly packaging your business and selling at the right time are critical factors in achieving [...]

Unsolicited Offers for Your Company

When an unsolicited buyer knocks on the door to ask if you’re selling your business, many owners are understandably pleased. However, the first buyer that approaches you may not be the best [...]

Don’t Hang Your Net Worth Out to Dry

Selling a business involves substantial amounts of money and a wide range of issues including warranties and representations, disclosures and contractual obligations. Follow these tips when [...]