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Spokane Journal of Business

Retire Well by Timing Your Transition

By Cynthia Hunston,
ASG Partners

Client Testimonials

More than 30 years of M&A experience have made us experts in our field. Here's what our satisfied clients have to say about ASG Partners' service.

Mike and Barbara Bond's goal had always been to retire around the age of 55.

High school sweethearts before they were business partners, the Bonds purchased SECO Construction Equipment, a heavy equipment rental company, in 1989. Mike was an employee for 17 years before he became an owner, working his way up through the ranks until he had management responsibility for all aspects of staff, sales and customer service. Barbara joined when the couple purchased the company, taking charge of bookkeeping and accounts payable and receivable.

Over the years, the Bonds built the kind of company that acquirers love: a profitable, stable operation with a reputation for excellent customer service, a base of repeat customers, and predictable, growing revenues. More >>

Mike and Barbara Bond
Former Owner
SECO Construction Company

It was time for me to retire and sell my business so I called ASG. I had attended one of their workshops in Portland four years earlier and was impressed with their expertise and professionalism. Based on this workshop I had a pretty good idea of how much money I could sell my business for.

Everything ASG did was top drawer. Their problem-solving ability impressed me most. Every time we came to a hurdle, the team had one or two solutions to choose from. Their networking was also exceptional. ASG even arranged financing for the buyer. I called the team after the sale was finalized and complimented them on their invaluable assistance.

I had sold businesses in a different industry all my life. ASG is the only consultant I’ve dealt with in 30 years that was worth every penny. I recommend them to friends of mine all the time.

S. L.
Former Owner
Delivery Company

A few years ago I went to an ASG seminar in downtown Seattle and I picked up some information about selling a business. When I decided it was time to get out and move on, I called the firm.

However, during the selling process, 9/11 hit and everything was put on hold. We had to wait until the market gelled and start over again. ASG was extremely flexible.

Recently I recommended ASG to a friend. I told him these were the guys to call and I literally dialed the phone for him. I said, ‘these guys are magicians.’ Thorough, thoughtful, and courteous are the words that come to mind when I think of ASG.

Former Owner
Safety Company

Before selling my business I looked closely at three different companies. I chose ASG because I liked the team, they had the experience, and they ensured privacy in the sale which was important to me. Even though we had about ten buyers who were seriously considering buying the company, not a single employee got wind of the impending sale.

It’s no easy task to sell your business, yet ASG made it as pain-free as possible. They consistently exceeded my expectations, and continue to do so today, three years after the sale. Although the team has no monetary incentive to make sure everything is going smoothly and we are getting our payments as promised, they continue to follow up. Whenever I have a problem I know that I can call ASG.

D. M.
Former Owner
Industrial Company

Five years ago I tried unsuccessfully to sell my business on my own. Realizing that engaging a broker is critical to making a good sale, I hired Barry Evans at ASG. Barry knew how to sell a business. Having a great deal of experience under his belt, he found a buyer and exceeded our goal. We received much more money for our business than we had expected. The bottom line is that Barry did what he said he was going to do. ASG and Barry Evans have my highest regards.

Former Owner
Medical Equipment Company

At the time I decided to sell my company I was well past retirement age and attended an ASG seminar. In the literature he gave me there were a number of reasons listed for selling a business. Almost every reason for selling fit my situation and so I signed on.

People like me who have become reasonably successful don’t always know what to do with what they have. Despite the fact that I had a solid business in an industry experiencing a slump, ASG found some great potential buyers. It’s important to work with a winning company. I dealt with a guy from Canada for nearly a year before discovering he wasn’t real.

Former Owner
Component Engineering Company

After running my business for 23 years, I decided it was time to retire. I attended an ASG seminar about how to price your business during a sale and was immediately impressed. I made the right choice and hired ASG to help me sell my business.

As a business owner and operator, you’re so accustomed to looking for business growth strategies that identifying the right exit strategy seems foreign. If I had attempted to sell my business on my own I would have gotten less money and worse terms. As it turned out, the offers I received for my business far exceeded my expectations. I recommend ASG without reservation.

Former Owner
Environmental Engineering Firm

I’ve sold two different travel agencies without a broker, however I decided to hire ASG to help with my latest sale. I was tremendously pleased with the results.

Having sold businesses on my own, I can appreciate the time that ASG saved me. During the due diligence process, I was able to continue running my business without any hassle or distractions.

Hiring ASG was an excellent decision.

Former Owner
Travel Agency