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Client Testimonial:

"It’s no easy task to sell your business, yet ASG made it as pain-free as possible. They consistently exceeded my expectations, and continue to do so today, three years after the sale. Although the team has no monetary incentive to make sure everything is going smoothly and we are getting our payments as promised, they continue to follow up. Whenever I have a problem I know that I can call ASG."

Former Owner,
Industrial Company

Acquisitions | Mergers | Closing the Deal

When a transaction is handled well, closing is the simplest phase. Documents are signed, funds are transfered, and the deal is legally complete.

In the last phase of the selling a business, ASG Partners helps manage three activities to close your deal: due diligence, financing, and the preparation and negotiation of legal documents.

Due Diligence

Due dilligence serves two purposes: For a buyer, it represents an opportunity to verify everything they have learned about a company before finalizing the transaction. For sellers, due diligence is an opportunity to disclose anything and everything you have to tell about your business. Getting everything out on the table and ensuring that it is well understood helps protect you from potential litigation.


Financing is the second component. Most buyers - even private equity groups with large funds - use leverage when they buy companies, so there is virtually always a banking component to closing a deal. Before they approve transaction funding, bankers will want to see the same kinds of financial documents and materials that buyers review in their due diligence phase. Your ASG Principal will guide the collection and preparation of these documents while you keep your business running successfully.


Finally, your ASG business broker will work with your attorney and the buyer’s attorney who prepares and finalizes legal documents. In some cases it is appropriate to have a neutral escrow attorney who prepares the initial round of documents and helps both parties find neutral ground quickly. Your Principal will assess whether this is appropriate in your case.

Transfer of Ownership

When the first steps in the process of selling your business are handled professionally, the closing process itself is anti-climactic. The Documents are signed, funds are wired, and there is a change of legal control. Only at this point, with the deal successfully completed, is the veil of confidentiality lifted. Owners typically hold a meeting with their employees to announce the transaction.

Post Closing

It is not uncommon for a seller to take on some post-closing obligations to the buyer. At a minimum, you will probably sign a non-compete agreement ensuring that you do not intend to compete with the business you just sold. You may also have a short-term or long-term employment arrangement with the buyer, depending on your objectives. If you are looking to retire, that post-closing transition period can be relatively short. If you are looking to run the company for several years more, then that can be accommodated as well.

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