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Spokane Journal of Business

Get a Second Opinion on Company's Price

By Mike Grubb,
Managing Partner
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Articles for Business Owners

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Accurate Financials Key When Selling a Business
Spokane Journal of Business

Ed Kirk explains how inconsistencies can raise red flags and jeopardize a deal.

Many Factors Go into Deciding When to Sell
Spokane Journal of Business

To ensure a successful transition, Ed Kirk proposes planning early and making operations a focal point.

Retire Well by Timing Your Transition
Puget Sound Business Journal

Cynthia Hunston discusses how to evaluate transaction timing in light of your retirement goals.

SBA Gives Small Business Buyers More Options
Spokane Journal of Business

Paul Keller comments on changes in SBA loan programs and their impacts on sellers of smaller companies.

Planning Ahead Increases Value of Small Businesses
Spokane Journal of Business

Ed Kirk explains how planning your evenutal exit can increase the value of your company.

Acquisitions & Mergers Picking Up
Puget Sound Business Journal

Ed Kirk discusses how the current economic environment relates to selling your business and provides insight on what attracts acquirers and lenders.

Use Economic Downturns for Planning
Puget Sound Business Journal

Mike Grubb comments on the current market conditions for selling a business and provides advice for business owners who are planning their eventual retirement.

Selling a Company in an Uncertain Market
Snohomish County Business Journal

Paul Keller addresses the concerns of owners who are considering selling a company in a difficult economic climate.

Get a Second Opinion on Your Company Appraisal
Puget Sound Business Journal

If you are considering a business valuation, these guidelines will help you determine what kind of valuation you need, whether you should pay for it, and what experience and qualifications your appraiser should have.

Client Success Story
SECO Construction Equipment

If you're thinking of selling a company, you probably have many questions about what the selling process entails. Read this story to find out how it all worked for our clients Mike and Barb Bond, who recently sold their company to a Fortune 500 acquirer.

Valuation of a Business
Spokane Journal of Business

Business valuation of a privately held company can be calculated in so many different ways that the answer to the question “What is my company worth?” depends a great deal on whom, and why, you are asking.

Maximize Your Return Through Careful Planning
Puget Sound Business Journal

Worries about credit conditions and the current economic climate may weigh heavily on the minds of business owners contemplating selling a company in the coming years. But maximizing the business valuation of a private company has less to do with market conditions than with good planning and careful execution of the sale.

Sellers, Don't Fret About Credit Climate
Puget Sound Business Journal

Subprime lending has tightened, but the pace of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) remains relatively unaffected. In fact, global M&A in the first half of 2007 grew by 55 percent over 2006.

Unsolicited Offers for Your Company
Portland Business Journal

When an unsolicited buyer knocks on the door to ask if you're selling your business, many owners are understandably pleased. However, the first buyer that approaches you may not be the best buyer.

Private Equity Fuels a Seller's Market
Puget Sound Business Journal

Private equity buyout firms, which raise and invest capital from pension funds, financial institutions and wealthy individuals, raised a record $100 billion in 2006 and, by some estimates, have $750 billion of capital available to invest.

Retire Well by Planning
Snohomish County Business Journal

The successful sale of a business does not happen overnight, and it does not happen by accident. Do your homework, plan ahead and work with the right team in order to realize a successful sale and an enjoyable retirement.

Package Your Company for Sale
Puget Sound Business Journal

When and how to sell your company is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. Properly packaging your business and selling at the right time are critical factors in achieving liquidity.

Don't Hang Your Net Worth Out to Dry
Puget Sound Business Journal

Selling a business involves substantial amounts of money and a wide range of issues including warranties and representations, disclosures and contractual obligations. Follow these tips when selling your business to help minimize litigation issues.

Retiring? Get the Most Rewards at Time of Sale
Snohomish County Business Journal

The difference in the cash you keep when selling your company has everything to do with the form of ownership and elective tax status, the nature of the transaction and the tax structuring that you and the buyer agree upon.

Do You Have an Exit Strategy?
Puget Sound Business Journal

Many privately owned companies represent a significant portion of the owner's net worth. Consequently, developing and executing a successful exit strategy may be one of the most important things a business owner can do.

Think Strategically When Selling Business
New Mexico Business Journal

Some business owners have family members who are willing and able to step in and take over. If you do not, then your strategy probably involves selling your business. Follow these steps to find the right buyer.

How to Find the Right Buyer for Your Business
Puget Sound Business Journal

When the time comes to sell your business, recognize that all buyers are different, and finding the right one is the key to maximizing the value of your estate and ensuring the future success of your employees and customers.

Seven Steps to Selling a Business
Alaska Business Monthly

35 million baby boomers are expected to retire between 2000 and 2020. If you are like most business owners planning on retiring in the near future, how you conduct the sale of your business may determine your ability to fund the retirement lifestyle you have earned.

The Legal Side of a Business Sale
Portland Business Journal

As a small business owner, your company most likely represents a significant portion of your net worth. That's why it's crucial to minimize the risk of litigation when the time comes to convert your years of hard work into cash.

Start Planning Your Exit Strategy
Puget Sound Business Journal

You started your business with dreams of making millions. When the time comes to sell, you will want to keep as many of those after-tax dollars as you possibly can in exchange for your blood, sweat and tears. Advance planning can make a big difference in the amount you pocket after the sale of your business.

Don't Make These Mistakes When Selling Your Business
Puget Sound Business Journal

When selling your company, your objective is to get the most money for your blood, sweat, and tears. Here are 10 mistakes not to make when selling your privately owned business.